Welcome to the homepage of Stefan Labbé, climate and environment reporter for Glacier Media.

He tells stories about how people across British Columbia are responding to problems linked to climate change — from the energy transition to migration and everything in between.

Labbé has broken stories on the B.C. government’s unexpected axing of a municipal climate adaptation fund, the development of a federal atmospheric river warning system, and a story of the first doctor in the world to diagnose a patient with climate change, among others.

After the 2021 Western North America heat dome, Labbé’s spent months investigating who was hit hardest and how planting trees in underserved neighbourhoods could save lives in the future. 

His on-the-ground reporting has been featured in interviews with national broadcaster CTV, and on such podcasts as The Big Story.

Labbé previously worked at the Tri-City News, where he wrote features, shot photos, and covered the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a freelancer he has reported on returning jihadist fighters in Jordan, the fallout of a government-guerrilla peace deal in Colombia and the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean.

Labbé’s writing, photography and documentary work have appeared in dozens of publications, including The Guardian, The Tyee, The Globe & Mail and PBS Newshour.

He holds a Master’s of Journalism from the University of British Columbia and has won several awards for his work.